In the Dark About How PPO Participation Can Affect You?
Participating with PPOs can give you access to more patients or help to retain your current patients, however, PPOs require you to accept a discount off of your standard fee. Unitas will help you evaluate potential or additional PPO participation, giving you the necessary data in order to make an informed business decision.
What We Provide
 Office Fee Analysis
As the primary component to how you get reimbursed, we analyze your office fees to ensure that they are at a competitive level for your area. We also analyze your annual production summary to determine your top 35 grossing procedures codes, these will be used in future negotiations.
 Participation Verification
In order to optimize your future insurance participation, we have to be absolutely certain about how you actually participate. We call & confirm your out-of-network participation with each major PPO insurance company.
 Proposal Collection & Negotiation
To ensure our evaluation is accurate and negotiations are effective, we request your proposed fee schedules directly from each PPO insurance company. Our team of experts will negotiate with our vast list of contacts at each major PPO insurance company in an effort to obtain high proposed reimbursement plans. With our combined experience and dedication, we strive to obtain the highest reimbursements possible.
 Participation Recommendation Report
Similar to a treatment plan, we create an in-depth report outlining what we’ve found from our analysis. This report includes a map of your possible future participation, a detailed analysis of each fee schedule proposal, a calculation indicating the adjustment percentage you’ll take on each fee schedule, and a proposed implementation plan, which projects what we can do to implement your PPO participation and improve your revenue.
 Participation Optimization
Due to the ever-changing and confusing relationships between many PPO companies, many dentist’s can find themselves being paid under new fee schedules or through plans they’re not familiar with. We ensure that your participation is mapped out clearly and optimized in order to produce the optimal amount of patients at the highest rate of reimbursement.
Flashlight Implementation
If you choose to move forward with the plan we outlined for you, Unitas will carry out the necessary credentialing in order to ensure your providers become effective with the appropriate PPOs and under your newly negotiated reimbursements. *Separate Charges Apply
Unitas will carry out the necessary credentialing in order to ensure your providers become effective with the appropriate PPOs and under your newly negotiated reimbursements.
 Continual PPO Management
PPO participation is constantly changing. As an added group of team members, Unitas will schedule and track when each of your PPOs are due for re-negotiation and take the necessary action. We can also assist with credentialing needs, re-credentialing, staff education and more! *additional charges apply.
 In-House Discount Plan
Unitas clients get special pricing with Launch Loyalty, a customizable and compliant in-house plan that will help retain uninsured patients and keep them loyal to your practice.
Ready to evaluate your PPO opportunties?
What Our Clients Are Saying...
"Today's insurance industry is daunting, frustrating and time consuming. Gratefully my Representatives from Unitas were able to help guide us along with much patience and kindness as we began what appeared to be an over-whelming project. With their experience and expertise the process was quickly accomplished. Their reports and suggestions were true eye-openers as they furnished a wealth of knowledge which enabled us to make the best informed decisions for our practice."
Dr. Craig
"We Thank you, Unitas, for keeping in contact with us every week, you have been on top of things for us and we do appreciate it. We also appreciate you helping us to find the right insurances to be in-network with. We have been receiving quite a few new patients with these new insurances. We always look forward to hearing from you."
Belinda , Office Manager
"I would like to thank you and Unitas for your time and expertise in helping us deal with the insurance companies. I would also like to thank our Practice Representative for his tenacious approach not only with the insurance companies but then keeping us on track to implement solutions. "
Dr. Catherine
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